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Back To Warhammer

Posted by Thrundorin , 28 February 2014 - - - - - - · 1,305 views

Well, with their decision to release a new dwarf book, and some models, I have returned to the hobby and started painting and playing again. The throng was already a decent enough size to hold its own against pretty much anyone, and there weren't any troops the lord was unable to call upon, so from that point of view the new book hasn't sold much for GW w...


Wow, Well That Was... Busy

Posted by Thrundorin , in Battle Report, Painting Update, Scenery Modelling 03 August 2010 - - - - - - · 989 views

Sorry about the absence between posts folks, its been a busy few weeks. Not just hobbywise, but life in general.

Model Building

Things have been a bit quiet on this front, but a few things have happened. I have almost finished enough models to make starting an army work in progress sheet a reasonable idea. All a few of them need is a coat of matt varn...


Treachery, Treachery In The Trees!

Posted by Thrundorin , in Battle Report, Painting Update 11 July 2010 - - - - - - · 586 views

Its going to be a double entry week this week. Partly as up to now I have been focusing on some painting and terrain building. I have finally finished a Thane properly, and been working towards finishing my Anvil now, as well as that, I have finished gritting the sections of terrain boards I am building. (At least I think I have, I'll have a better idea w...


Another Week, Another Turn

Posted by Thrundorin , in Scenery Modelling, Battle Report, Hold Background 05 July 2010 - - - - - - · 648 views

The Campaign

First of all, I should probably show you the map.

*Map lost to the depths of time*

My armies are currently in the central south of the grassy areas, poised to march south into the lava fields and strike at the warriors of chaos, the empire just behind me.

Somewhere to the north are the High Elves and Vampire Counts trying to find each ot...


Campaign Update

Posted by Thrundorin , 28 June 2010 - - - - - - · 583 views

Have decided for the sake of clarity to put updates from the campaign in their own block over on the left. Turns are bi-weekly so I have a fortnight to work out how to create a campaign "story so far" archive before I update that bit.

Also this week it is clearly now only 2 weeks before the first city siege of the campaign so will be meeting the...


Lets Get This Party Started Then...

Posted by Thrundorin , 25 June 2010 - - - - - - · 550 views
Campaign, Throng, Battle Report
Well with 8th ed being around the corner, and a local campaign just kicking off my dwarves are fairly busy right now so it seemed like a good time to get this blog going.

Since info on 8th ed is a limited patchwork of notes cribbed down by folks who have been into stores, this is the last I will say about it here until release and I get to read the rules...

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Here lie the Grudges of Clan Stonebreaker:
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The foothills, North and West of Karak-Hirn

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General Eldrin of the High Elves

  • Offence:

Chose to flee from battle with the forces of Chaos rather than to hold his lines. Little more was expected from the the Elgi, but having given their word that would join the fray, their cowardice is secondly only to their breaking of their word.

  • Background:

​At the final battle to drive the forces of Chaos from the area, the elves swore to assist in the assault and storming of the damned fortress. Their loss was not keenly felt, with Dwarven cannon shattering the walls and and Dawi axes pulling down the warriors inside. Regardless, they broke their oath, and they shall pay.

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