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Half Orc Warrior

Posted by ironlord , 31 December 2009 · 1,913 views

orc dwarf shieldbreaker ironlord
Well I told you that I would give you some dwarven goodness.
Ok maybe this isn't dwarven goodness but its going in my dwarven army.
Anyone who reads this blog/painting log will know that the shieldbreakers are at the fore-front of a great alliance between men, elves, dwarves and those hybrids of men and orc who are willing to stand for civilisation.
So this gives me a great opertunity too model some characters and units that normally wouldn't be in a dwarven army. This model is one example of this and is my second model that im modeling from scratch using only green stuff (the first one is a mad priest for my chaos guard army).
Although this model represents someone who is ultimately a soldier of order and good im going for a chaotic, mismatched look to his armour to suggest that this orcish blooded human is a veteran of many battles who has begun cobbling together pieces of armour to fix any damages to his own equipment.
If you look at the shins of the left leg (thats the model's left leg) his armour if fairly dented and busted up. I intend to go back and put knee caps on.
He also has a fairly smooth upper body while a chainmail shirt appears at the bottom of the smooth upper body part. Because you have various types of armour in the game of DnD I thought it would be good to mix in the chainmail and leather armour types so that this model could be used to represent a character in that game as well.
I've only been sculpting this model for a while (maybe 2 hours at the most) but im fairly happy with it so far. I'm going to leave him for maybe 24 hours to come up with a character for him and a back story which I will post here before I give you another update.
I'm guessin I can get the arms and details for the body finished tomorrow before I move onto details like the feet, head and hands.

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So tell me what you think? Do you have any helpful suggestions? Weapon options that I could make?

ok you guys its story time, so have a look at this quick 1000 word description of Borick Bloodskull:

The stories of heroism during the war between the North and the Undead are innumerable and often unaccounted. Although over five thousand soldiers fell in the battles in the mountain passes and each of those names is recorded in a great tomb that recounts the stories of the war, those who fought the rising tide of undead would often go unnamed, their deeds of battle recorded only by those in their family.
One such warrior was Borick Bloodskull, one of the few warriors who came from the town of Lourna to fight beside the Shieldbreakers, it was not through foolish pride or any ancient disagreement that the hybrid folk of Lourna could not support the main offensive. But their own town was subjected too a brutal uprising of undead when the surrounding forest and mountains were infested with the stinking, shambling corpses of the undead.
Many of those caught in the fighting were injured during the week of solid fighting that it took to liberate the town and those few without injuries were too shaken to continue on. Only Gorsha Facebeater, a personal friend of the young Prince Oscar, and his oath sworn comrade Olmar travelled east across the autumn tundra to regroup with the main force in time for the assault.
Little did they know that they were shadowed from day one by the young and impressionable Borick Bloodskull, a young orphan eager for the riches that Gorsha had spoken off during his travels.
Borick had been a hunter before the war, his skills with a bow and hunting making him a great scout for the forces of Lourna. Unfortunately there had always been someone better, or someone else doing the same job as him, so he ran off to make his own fortune, leaving only memories behind.
He soon found himself tagged alongside the dwarven Captain Ronneral and his rangers. With his dwarven captain he helped to hold off the armies of the undead from taking the temple of Weigoh. Allowing the forces of the north too arrive and bring the once dead god of death back in time to finish the war and the threat of undead off once and for all.

With the war over Borick devoted himself to hunting down the undead both in the mountains and near his home town. Although he knows that Lourna would never desert one of her son's, he still feels guilty for leaving her and seeks to help his homeland by purging every undead abomination from the mountains.

Borick typically goes to war in his scouts leather Jerkin, however he was offered a shirt of dwarven chain mail as a gift of kinship between captain Ronneral and the orc blooded warrior. Such bonds and gifts were not uncommon in those days. The fight for survival superseded racial prejudice and old grievances were forgotten temporarily as all the races of the north battled side by side.
As well as his Jerkin/Chain Shirt combination Borick is typically seen with his patchwork armour on, a collection of shin/forearm guards that have travelled with him from Lourna, a shield taken from an undead knight, a shoulder guard taken from the temple of Weigoh. For all of these scraps, Borick refuses to wear a helmet, believing that it blocks his vision and makes it too easy to sneak up on him. All of these pieces seem to fit Borick, regardless of size or origin, they have become part of him as they have sheltered him from the attacks of a hundred undead.
Although he caries a large bow, Borick's ancestry often calls him to combat, where he can use his massive size and strength to his advantage and bludgeon the enemy to death with his hammer. He also carries a small knife which he hides beneath his shield, only to reveal it in a shower of crimson red blood.

Through all of his trials and fights Borick has received many wounds and injuries.
Probably the most prominent and visible is the state of his face, Borick was struck by a necromantic spell, designed to rot the skin from the bone and melt the inside of a creature's head. But somehow Borick resisted the worst of the attack, his fury letting him charge in and finish the evil mage before it's next casting.
He swiftly fell unconscious though and his body was found, face smoking, Ronneral noticed that he was still alive and pulled the warrior free, applying a healing potion too the wounds on his face. But the potion didn't work as well as he had hoped it would. The face remained burnt and pockmarked, never quite right, even among his kin.
His next wound was worryingly similar.
Again Ronneral's Rangers came up against a necromancer in the middle of a great ritual too raise the undead from their graves, but this time as Borick charged, he pulled free a knife from it's sheath and threw it at the necromancer, catching him in the shoulder and dropping him too the ground. Unfortunately for the young warrior the spell cast just a moment later and stuck his leg as it discharged from the Necromancer's flailing arms.
Although he resisted the worst of the spell's effects his leg shrivelled within the plate armour he had brought from Lourna. If it wasn't for his fighting spirit, Borick would have been sent back home to sit out the rest of the war. But Borick roared in agony and began crushing any enemy in his anger. He screamed, roared and butchered the necromancer's entire entourage of undead before he calmed down.
Now Borick is counted as one of Lourna's finest sons. A true example of what the hybrid of man and orc has to offer too the world. The tenacity and passion of Borick cannot be questioned. Nor his skill in combat. Returning home was a joyous time for the still young warrior, who was given the title of Guardian of his town after another three years of hunting. During which he was seen only twice by those he was trying to protect.
Dirken Thorn
Feb 13 2010 05:55 AM
Can't see much in the pics, need a bigger view, the character background is great though, well done!
click the images and they go to normal size

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