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Farewell Cobwebs

Posted by ironlord , 31 December 2009 · 680 views

ironlord BFJ TDS
wow its been a while since i was last on here...
ok so the skinny of it all is that ive been working alot with bilbo on the ezine known as the doom seeker (check it out)
Not to mention the buttonfactoryjim videos
plus the fact I had planned to play an apocalypse game today but that didnt pan out so im re scheduling
plus my dnd group is becoming more regular
oh yeah and im trying to get fitter by running 10 kilometers in under 50 minutes

now that I have time off from doom seeker and apocalypse and everything else is become more manageable I can get back to being short and beardy!
but before I get back to my painting table/forge I just want to plug the doom seeker's brand new facebook page:

Yes we forward thinking people at the Doom Seeker have joined facebook!

For those of you who dont know, The Doom Seeker is a magazine run by members of various forums all through out the internet (like this one here) to bring you the reader a light hearted look at gaming. We believe that gaming should be a fun, social experience and publish a quarterly online magazine too spread the good word of not using bad words at the gaming table!

We will be using facebook to announce new launches of editions, give readers an easy way to get in contact with staff members (rather than try and hunt us down on web forums) and give them a chance to get involved with the ezine.

If you are interested here is the link: The Doom Seekers

If you are a fan of the ezine be sure too join the group if your on facebook and help us grow the wargaming community.

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