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The Oldest Friends Of High King Olgar

Posted by ironlord , 07 December 2009 · 1,289 views

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I've started work on a group of ten heavy axe'rs for my army, I figured they would be accepted here because of their large axes...

List wise i'm thinking of making them longbeards because of the +1 WS will make them harder to hit, meaning more of them are around too bring the whoopa later with those +2 S weapons.

I just finished making them so tell me what you think before I break out the paint brush.


Here is a close up look at one Captain Ronneral, who normaly leads the rangers of Dupelcopf but joins the Longbeards as a great friend of High King Olgar, who has asked him to accompany him into battle with his most trusted friends.


As you can see Ronneral carries a wristbow, when he is with the rangers this will count as a crossbow but with the Longbeards it simply counts nothing, its a cosmetic touch, something that breaks up the normality of this unit. Kinda like the guy holding the small axe and the really big axe.

Ok fluff time kiddies.

Captain Ronneral ruffled through the pouch of bolts, pulling out a single bolt and holding it up against the light, checking for imperfections in the design he put it too the side and passed on to another bolt. The heavy canvas of the tent seemed to breathe as the cold mountain air passed through the camp of just over two thousand dwarves. But this tent was one of the more upmarket and sophisticated tents, one of the ones belonging to High King Olgar Shieldbreaker, Ronneral's leader and long time friend. For some reason he had been called too King Olgar's tent to discus the upcoming plans for the assault on the temple of Weigoh, but the King was delayed and Ronneral passed the time examining his bolts.
With the group of forty bolts packet neatly Ronneral was about to turn his attention too the numerous mechanisms in the wrist bow he had forged for himself almost forty years ago. It was an old dream of his to create such a strange but practical weapon. So he had tinkered and toyed with the idea for a while. The end result, his clanking but reliable wrist bow, was arrayed in front of him. He attended to its gears bars and rope with expert knowledge, careful not to strain or weaken any part of the machine.
Then a rather large dwarf sat down beside him, his mighty bulk giving even the solid oak a reason to strain and complain against his weight. But Ronneral was to focused on his work to pay the warrior any attention. He knew who it was any way, even among the heavy set people of Dupelcopf, few could match the Bulk of the impossing Harg Urvall, Defender of the Realm.
It was no ceremonial title either, Harg had seen hundreds of battles and survived them all, he was easily as tough as the smaller and sneakier Ronneral and much more brutal. As one of the few dwarves who frequently visited the outside world Harg had worked frequently and well with Ronneral, both took great pride with defending the people of Dupelcopf and were well respected as warriors in the lands they protected and even much further afield.
He joined Ronneral in his detail analysis of the wrist bow.
Harg had considered asking his friend to make such a device for him, then realised that his style of combat was to hectic to use such a weapon and so he had simply stuck with his axe and shield combination that he had used ever since he was a young initiate warrior.
“I'm sorry brothers,” Olgar said, “We had to deploy the deep dwarves too stop the attack of a group of cannibals from up in the mountain passes.”
Harg stood, forcing the chair too groan again, he was bigger than even King Olgar, his broad shoulders dwarfing his liege. But never the less he was humble before the king he had sworn to protect.
“Yer need not explain yersel' to us?” He grumbled, his voice the same as a bear waking from slumber with a massive headache.
“Since I'm needin' yeh both I'll be doin' some explainin' for a while.”

With his most trusted friends standing beside him Olgar led the charge from the front, the heavy axes of the Longbeard Brotherhood carved heavy chunks out of the corpses of the undead arrayed before them. Zombies coated with rotten flesh and skeletal constructs made from bones fell before them as they drove onwards, further and faster than any other dwarven units. With the passes secured to prevent any kind of flanking force from disrupting their advance. Olgar lead the march forward, but now he was alone with the Longbeard Brotherhood, Harg and Ronneral having left with the rangers up a side path they would reach the temple of Weigoh and enact Olgar's plans to hold the temple for the dwarves as their axes chopped towards the temple, one strong, measured swing at a time...

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