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Another Question...

Posted by ironlord , 15 November 2009 · 747 views

ironlord question
Ok kiddies, riddle me this...

as you all know i love my dwarves but i have to wonder, what is it with their helmets?
i know dwarves will see it as merely being practicle wearing a helmet all the time but one of the best models is the bald cannon crew guy, want to know why?
because he doesnt wear a helmet which means we see more of his face and get a glimpse of a dwarf with a bit of personality, same goes with the slayers...

so why isnt there a few dwarven guys without helmets?

second question
do dwarves tie back their hair with a scrap of cloth or something to stop it going in their eyes as they fight?

im only asking that one because im writing a book at the moment and the main character takes off his helmet and sorts his hair after wiping goblin blood out of his eyes and gets cracked in the face with a rock and i got to thinking, wouldn't this situation be prevented if poor old Oscar Shieldbreaker had tied his hair back...

first one, i think your are right, there all a very small amount of dwarfs without helmet, and i think that why they are populair.

second ; i think they do, also i read Black libary novels where they mention it
also, please do not ask wichone i have all dwarf + grotrek novels.

love to read more off the story about old Oscar Shieldbreaker , a rock does not kill a dawi, only what is atacht to the rock like a big troll. haha.
well i took a break from fighting the undead to crush a goblin clan, you never know, chunks of it may appear on the site at some point, thanks for the reply, keep the opinions coming...
after all, what is a blog without opinion?
Nov 19 2009 05:10 PM
I think that Dwarfs do tie their hair back. Actually, one of the Dwarf warrior bodies has a long braid down the back, which is a picture perfect example of a Dwarf tying their hair back!

As for the bald mini, it is pretty dang sweet. Perhaps it is because its so different from the rest of the models.

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