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Ironlord's Apocalypse!

Posted by ironlord , 17 April 2010 · 1,056 views

Hi guys,
I thought I would get a bit of noise going about one of my upcoming games, normally I play at least one game a week because life has a habit of getting in my way on a fairly regular basis. But this week I have already kerb stomped a dwarf army beneath my cloven feet (yes I am a beastman as well and it did hurt to squish my kin which included a unit of my own quarrallers which were borrowed for this game!). But I still have some gaming power left in me and it is the two week easter holiday in Scotland.
Maybe people I know have hit a 40k wave and I'm just catching them on the bolter high, or maybe the impossible has finally happened and people are getting bored of CoD:MW2.
Either way I am capiltalising on the eagerness of my comrades to play some 40k and suggested that we throw down apocalypse style on sunday. It's going to be gruff, its going to be brutal and I expect it is going to be pretty bad since this is the first time I have used these rules (despite the fact I got both of the Apocalypse rule books before christmas).
But never the less I invite you too observe our train wreck of a game via twitter!
I plan on doing updates at a regular interval (I have nothing else to do so why not) as my chaos forces clash with some space marine scum in a tester for the apocalypse!
The idea in having an initial game is to familiarise ourselves with the rules before we throw down with even bigger armies at a later date on a fully painted and perfected battle board.

Anyone interested can follow me by going to twitter and searching for:
Just look for the zombie face with the glowing orange eye!

Thanks to anyone who signs on to follow me and to anyone who reads this far into the post. If you do follow me send me a message saying something like "Grumble Grumble Grumble!" and I will know who you are. And who knows, if I get this right maybe the next apocalypse will be even better! And who doesn't want a good apocalypse?

Ok guys we have a bit of a news update on the battle. The space marine player was my cousin, he is a great kid but last night his puppy (only 8 weeks old) was taken too a vet and died in the middle of the night. They just found out this morning and they are pretty shaken up by the whole thing. Naturally I don't want to push him into playing a game involving a whole lot of death and distruction at such a time so I told him that he doesn't have to play tomorrow if he needs a bit more time.
However I have managed to wrangle up myself a new opponent as I would feel bad if I had to call this off at such short notice considering the positive responce. The game will go ahead from about 1pm GMT if you want to follow it live. I will be adding a tag to each tweet but I am not sure what too call it. Any suggestions?
#tweeticalypse? I don't know so leave me some suggestions before the Bolger shells start flying into my newer, greener opponents.

The URL for my Twitter is: http://twitter.com/ironlordthemad

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