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Returning Too The Skulpting Table

Posted by ironlord , 26 March 2010 · 947 views

Ok so I checked out Scribor minitures recently.
Maybe you should too!
I love bathtubs by the way... my favourite part is the PLUG!

Anyway I was checking out their articles and really liked their stuff about sculpting faces and hands, not to mention the impressive range of dwarves they have available. Unfortunatly I am running a little low on funds at the moment, but thankfully I have some green stuff lying around!
So once again im breaking out my sculpting tool and setting to work on a new model. Here is the concept sketch that I'm working towards.

Posted Image

The guy is going to be bald because there is only 1 bald dwarf on the GW range and I want more bald dwarves in my army and yes his beard is square...
Also the bit on his shoulders is going to be fur.

The thing that Scribor does that I would love to have access to is to design the stuff on a PC and have it laser etched, then he takes those molds and push molds the putty into them to create his ornate shields and armour, the bodies cloth etc. is the easy bit and it takes surprisingly little effort to make a miniature look good when you have plenty of detailed bits to thrown onto the model.

His heads are getting much better though, certainly in his latest releases i'm seeing more of the kind of product i'm interested in buying.

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