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What And Where Is Twin Peaks Hold?

Posted by Lembocha , in Fluff 31 July 2015 · 1,015 views

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Twin Peaks is a secret Dwarven Hold nested between two twin mountains, east of the Black Fire Pass and the town of Vossheim. It's construction was commanded by High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer to Master Engineer Salvor Hardin, who then become Lord of Twin Peaks. Worried about a potential invasion of Greenskins, the King ordered Lord Hardin to create a landing site first, and then an army to defend it. The purpose of this airfield was to provide a safe spot for reinforcement landings near the Pass, and it soon thrived into a city almost solely dedicated to the research in engineering.


Twin Peaks Hold is a relatively well kept secret, it's location hidden to everyone but the dwarfs of Karaz-a-Karak, Master Engineers across the world, and the few human inhabitants of the nearby town of Vossheim, which provides the trade necessary for the city to get the much needed resources that can't be produced within it's walls. The location of the Hold was chosen because even if it's isolated, it's relatively close to the roads which cross the Black Fire Pass. It is also rumored that Bugman, owner of the world-wide famous Bugman's Brewery (which lies in the vicinity of the Pass) and close friend to Lord Hardin, provided the financial aid for the establishment of the first settlements in the twin mountains valley, interested in the rare oak tree varieties that grow on the foothills of the peaks, which are known to be the best for the construction of ale wooden barrels. It is also possible that the choice of the location had something to do with the small sized mine located in the heart of the northern mountain, which is rich in mineral veins that provide the most important components for the elaboration of gunpowder.


After some years the Hold began to thrive, but the Dwarven warriors that populated the files of soldiers commited to the defence of the city soon started to complain about the lack of action they were getting, and how they were losing shape. Over some cups during a particularly cold winter night at Bugman's, the famous brewer and Lord Hardin found a solution. Soon enough Twin Peaks Hold own Blood Bowl team was created: Athletic Twin Peaks. Several youth teams were also created to provide drafting for the main lineup and also to give all soldiers, craftmen and engineers in the city some kind of physical excercise and also a sense of belonging by rooting for Athletic Twin Peaks in the various competitions the team took part of. Bugman's Brewery is the club's sponsor, and is financing the construction of it's own stadium, a project that is due to finish in the near future. If rumours are to be trusted, Bugman also issued the construction of a massive Zeppelin to be launched on the day of the inauguration of the stadium with the logo of the brewery painted on it's side, a bold but clever marketing strategy.

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