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The Banner Of [Name Pending] Clan

Posted by Zbrojny , in Painting 02 April 2015 · 2,634 views

warriors banner
The Banner Of [Name Pending] Clan I finally found some time to work on the banner for my warriors. It took a lot of thinking until I found a way to make something that looks well enough for my taste, and that I can make, taking into account that I have trouble drawing straight lines even using a ruler. Painting anything with a brush on a flat surface was utterly out of the question.

First I was looking for transfers, but I couldn't find anything matching a dwarf theme. I even found some companies around here in Poland that can make transfer sheets on demand, but that seemed like too much fuss and too much money to spend.

Before I say how I finally solved the icon problem, here's how I painted the background of the banner. I was a bit afraid to do this, as my previous attempts at painting flat surfaces failed miserably (see the cloaks on some of the warriors in gallery). I went with a base of Kantor Blue, followed by a Drakenhof Nightshade wash. Then it was Kantor Blue again on almost all of the surface except the recesses on the upper part. After that, a layer of Alaitoc Blue as highlight on the upper part, and covering the lower part, follower by a slight edge highlight of Hoeth Blue. I also tried to make the lower right corner lighter with it, which ended up looking terrible. So instead of intended one layer of Gulliman Blue glaze, I ended up applying multiple ones (each starting lower on the banner, so the upper part only got one, while the lower right corner got around 4 or 5), until it covered the bad highlight. It also helped hide the hideous texture I created by accident when I applied base Abaddon Black to and around the icon.

As for the icon itself: as I was certain that I won't be able to paint anything decent by myself, and the transfer idea didn't work out, I decided to print, cut and glue an icon onto the banner, thick enough so that I can paint the shape without ruining the background. So, I got to sketching, and found a shape that I thought would look nice. Here's the sketches:
First sketches for banner icon

After I was sure I knew what kind of geometry I want for it, I sat down to Inkscape to draw the exact shape that I could later scale down and print. I was pleasantly surprised by the program itself, although it took an hour to make it stop scaling edges of objects and do other stuff I didn't expect. I ended up creating two basic shapes (a circle and a line hah!) and adding / subtracting them until I was done with the icon. It looked like this:
Inkscape design of banner icon

So after that, I scaled it down to a size that fit the banner, copy-pasted a few times and printed. Initially, I wanted to print it on cardboard, but my printer refused to cooperate, so I ended up printing it on normal paper, and then gluing it onto cardboard, before cutting out the shape with a modelling knife. The cardboard was 0.7 mm I think, which proved a bit too thick (but so much easier to paint!). Next time I'll probably find some 0.4-0.5 mm one. Since I already had the banner undercoated, I just glued the icon onto it, and undercoated it by hand. I wanted to use thick paint to use it on the edges to make them stick to the banner more. That proved to be a terrible idea, as I ruined the clean sleek surface of the banner, and had trouble painting the background.

Having the icon sticking almost 1 mm from the banner itself, it was very easy to paint without damaging the "shaded" background, and I'm quite happy with the end result. Granted, almost any banner I saw in other people's galleries looked better, but I consider this quite a feat taking my abilities into account :).

Originally, I was intending a different shape (two interlinking pickaxes, the icon of Stonebreakers clan), and I made a nice design for it in Inkscape, but it proved way too detailed for my printer to print, not to mention me cutting it out. But I'm happy with this one, it loosely relates to the winged hammer icon that appears on shields a lot, has simple straight line geometry that I like in the typical dwarven icons, and can be made more intricate for the Battle Standard when I get to paint one. The only problem is, I need a new name for my clan, any ideas?

Anyway, here's some more pictures of the banner and the warrior regiment, this time I think I managed the light settings of the camera better.
Warriors 1
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I'm going on vacation for the next few weeks, and after that, I intend to make the bases (and some minor fixes to painting), and coat the warriors in varnish. After that, it's probably gonna be 8 more 2h warriors (to bring the regiment to a much better looking 6x4), or the Gyrocopter my wife got me, but that thing has A LOT of flat surfaces and I think I need more practice with those...

Excellent banner design. Simple yet evocative.

That symbol looks quite elegant. Love it.


Santhem Hellbracer
Dec 22 2018 12:34 AM

I hear you about the painting difficulties. I can't even draw a decent picture, much less paint. In fact, I have a whole box of old Warhammer 40k figures, and I haven't even bothered to put them together. I don't see me doing it at any point, and even if I did, painting would be a chore.


I'd say goodbye, but I don't know how to say it in Khazalid. Oh well...

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