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First Attempt At Beards (And Everything Else)

Posted by Zbrojny , in Painting 12 March 2015 · 1,289 views

warriors beards
  • Yellow Brown
  • White
  • Warm Brown 2
  • Warm Brown 1
  • Uruk Hai
  • Tau Armor
  • Sheer Black
  • Orange 2
  • Orange 1
  • Grey Brown 2
  • Grey Brown 1
  • Grey 2
  • Grey 1
  • Dirty Black 2
  • Dirty Black 1
  • Bone

I used to play Warhammer around 5th and 6th edition, and a year ago I decided to come back to it. This time focused more on painting and modelling and less (if at all) on actual playing. I looked through the miniature range for a few days and decided Dwarfs are what I like the most (both the 2006 and 2014 plastic ranges).

So, I went, got myself a box of warriors, and got down to it. And it lasted like 3 days. Then I had other stuff to do, and then some other, then work got busy, then I forgot about it... but now I finally got back to it, and I'm on a straight road to my first (ok, second - I drybrushed and based some 40 zombies back in 2002) fully painted regiment.

Among other reasons, I intend to keep this blog as a notepad for the palette I used for each color - I'm a sucker at remembering things like that. And since the most important thing every Dwarf has is a beard, I will lead with that.

First off, painting is hard! It looks easy when you watch other people do it, and you read and watch videos and think "I know what I'm doing", and then you realize you struggle to hold the brush properly, your hand is shaking, and you don't know just how much paint you need on your brush, how much you should thin it down... I guess those things come with experience. So to get some practice, I decided to use layering for the beards (and almost everything else). I would probably get much better results drybrushing...

I found it hard to find any information on how to paint beards using citadel range, so I went with standard color palettes (from "How to paint Citadel miniatures). I was planning on getting:
  • White
  • Grey
  • Blackish
  • Brown
  • Blonde
  • Orange
Most of the colors came out ok, although Yellow Brown, Tau Armor and Bone look pretty much the same (Bone being to whitish for me). Of the three I'll probably stick to Tau Armor. Same goes for Sheer Black and Dirty Black (Sheer Black being my preference). Uruk Hai came out wierd and I don't think I'll be using that one again.

See the descriptions of images in gallery if you're interested in paints used for each beard.

As a side note, I need to learn to make better photos. Those came out too dark (I'm guessing too low shutter speed?) and some are terribly out of focus. But well, as with painting - I hope it's a matter of practice.

Next up I will probably make a post-note about colors used for the rest of the model, and I'll start working on the banner. I'm kinda terrified by that, I have no clue how people make such nice pattens and icons - I couldn't even make a simple triangle when I tried...

Excellent blog : )

I'm just starting back into the hobby and dint know where to start so i'll copy you for a while till i get going, keep up the good work :)

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