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A Bad Victory

Posted by ReudanRedhammer , 08 November 2009 · 1,376 views

Gaming victory battle
Well, the other day I played a game against my friend's Bretonnia using my Dwarfs. I utterly squashed him. It was the biggest victory I've seen, and I've had 5 massacres in a row before this one. However, when the ending VP are 2300 to 0 in my favor, I just have to feel somewhat bad.

It was a bad battle for him in the first place... he took a ton of magic defense stuff and was down almost 200 points because of it. Furthermore, it was my first time using an Anvil of Doom, and none of us knew what to expect... it wasn't pretty. The Anvil is nasty, and his Deathstar unit of Knights only saw combat when my Miners got an Anvil flank charge in.

Regardless, has anyone else ever had such a ridiculous victory that you actually feel bad for winning so well? I mean, I'm glad I won, but still... he had only five men left alive by the end of the battle, and I had only lost three Miners...

Anyone else feel bad after beating a guy down just a little bit too hard?

I say donĀ“t feel bad about it. Give him an honourable rematch, maybe allowing him to modify his list (removing magic defense and such) and you keeping yours untouched. He will know what he is facing and prepare accordingly.
Runesmith Thourn
Nov 09 2009 12:22 AM
Ahhhh the table clearer... such a character building game. Give him credit for sticking it out to the end in such a one-sided match, not many do. And I think this could be a real learning experience for your friend. It sounds more like he put all his eggs into one basket and it completely fell apart for him. That's the nature of the beast and why i like to spread my points out. So, in reality, you are really helping him out. Allowing your friend to redo his list and having another go at your anvil again will make him a better player.

For me, I'd always rather have a close fought battle; a real nail biter where the momentum switches back and forth, each and every player turn. Like I tell all my young beardlings (i teach this game every friday to half a dozen new players). "this is a game. pure and simple, its meant to be enjoyed. if you and a buddy are going to spend 2-3 hours of your lives doing this, you better enjoy it! be competitive, but make it fun for your opponent too."

Not to say that you cheesed out your list but you know what i mean. Congrats on your win!
Nov 09 2009 07:31 PM
Well, he apparently did learn from it! He played a game against our Dark Elf Friend recently. He didn't have the single unit of Knights and he tried out a Lord on Hippogryph. The Hippgryph was less than exciting, although perhaps charging the Hydra with it was a bad plan. He still got massacred, but only because of a particularly unlucky pursuit and forgetting to fire his Trebuchet because he was so excited by the extra charge he got in the magic phase through the level 6 beasts spell.

It was rather unfortunate. He managed to get a rear charge on 20 corsairs and didn't pursue enough so his unit of 9 knights got flanked by Black Guard and front charged by a Hydra. However, he put up a great fight, and our Dark Elf Player is a great general, so I didn't expect him to win. Of course, if he had only gotten that unlucky failed pursuit, he would've run down about 300 points, plus taken a banner, and then pursued into the flank of some spearmen. Too bad he rolled 5 total on three dice!
i played a game of 40k recently, 2000 points of my iron warriors vs my wee bros orks
i slaughtered him to a man (a very big green man but you get my point) and he killed only 5 warriors by using his best shooting unit point blank

i dont feel bad (probably because he is my brother and probably deserved it)
you shouldnt feel bad, just learn from it
remember the guy chose a generic list, he never tailored for your dwarves
plus you both new to the anvil

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