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My Thoughts On My First Tourney

Posted by ReudanRedhammer , 18 October 2009 · 1,089 views

Battle Gaming Tournament Victory
Well, I finished a 1000 point Tourney yesterday among my local club. It was only 4 people involved since the Empire player had to drop out at the last minute (probably afraid of my Organ Gun! Bah! :P ). However, I felt like I fought three diverse armies that all posed some serious threats to me, and I feel like I responded in ways that worked quite well for me. There was a bit of luck involved, but I honestly feel good about how things went, and I don't feel like I squeeked by on luck. If you want to know more details, check the Battlegrounds section. I have reports for every battle.

The Dark Elves posed a big threat, but I managed to defeat them with a combination of SCR and a single bold charge. I feel like I was able to use my opponents hatred for the Organ Gun to my advantage and get a crucial flank charge on his Hydra. Also, I judged my risky charge well and managed to bowl through two units in two rounds of combat. That's quite a gain for me! This battle was the most satisfying as I felt like I was able to predict the enemy well enough to outmaneuver his Elves with my Dawi, and this was only our second game!

Bretonnia had all their faith in a single unit of Knights, and my shooting failed me in every capacity in this game (2 BTs and an OG killed 1 Knight the whole game!). Still, I was able to judge where his Knights would want to go and bait him into a charge on my warriors, who were able (through the strength of the BSB and duels) to resist the strong double-character charge and wear down the knights to their breaking point. Luck helped greatly when I ran down the Knights in my pursuit, but since they broke on his turn, I was likely going to be able to charge the fleeing unit on mine anyways. Also, I used my Slayer properly for the first time, letting a 50 point character tie up a 20 man peasant squad for an entire game. Maybe not a huge point gain, but a great tactical advantage!

Ogres also made me feel great about my long range choices. While they utterly failed the first two turns of the game (Organ Gun out of range, BTs missing every shot, even against the Giant!) they preformed wonderfully for the finale of the game, killing five Ogres outright and breaking three more off the Table, not to mention the four wounds on the giant, and they let my solid warrior blocks fend off the remaining Ogres and wounded giant with ease.

All in all, this was a great accomplishment for me. Not because I won (though I did massacre, which I'm proud of) but because I was able to understand what each of my units was capable of and still letting them rely on their own natural abilities rather then a lucky die roll. I matched my warriors with the largest threats accordingly and was able to prioritize my shooting properly in each battle. Also, I denied the enemies their mobility and any of their advantages that they had over me. I felt like I learned a heck of a lot, and I'm eagerly waiting for my next fight!

Have a Bugman“s on me! :guinesssmilie:
I hope my first tournament will go as this!
good to see that you learned alot from what was clearly a good tournament! its always good to start out small and bring the whoopa!

you deserve a pint for the dark elf win alone! :guinesssmilie:
someone needs to get knocking the damned long ears of their pedestal!

keep up the good wins
Tarby Oakshield
Oct 20 2009 12:48 PM
congrats!! I hope I will learn more too...Posted Image
Oct 20 2009 05:35 PM
Hey Tarby, you posted the same thing twice so I deleted the second one.

This was a great series of victories for me, but I just feel like I should say that any battle, victory or defeat, is equally good as long as you learn something. Likewise, if you learn nothing, it wasn't a good battle, even if you slaughtered them. As long as you learn, even if its just "yes, with luck this can beat that" that's good enough. I, for one, have learned that I will never field warriors in less than 25 unless they have a very specific role to play.

I will, however, try my best to keep up the wins! They do feel good, and if nothing else, I've brought the fear of Grimnir back to these cursed foes!

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