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Dawi Revisited!

Posted by ReudanRedhammer , 26 May 2010 · 1,038 views

Gaming O&G
Well, after a long time on proxy duty and shelf leave, my Dwarfs finally have been fielded as themselves three more times. A new challenger, a Skaven player, faced off against me (so great moments in that game, like where a bolt thrower crewman killed his assassin!) once in a surprisingly straight fight. It was a close game, but I pulled a marginal victory after I foolishly restrained a couple pursuits. I could have wiped him out, but I was thinking too defensively. Having played my Khorne-heavy WoC army last, I was overly cautious of being too aggressive as Dwarfs. Still, a great game, and I learned a lot about the ratmen and he learned a lot about the game (it was his third ever! He should be a fun opponent later on!).

After that, my Bretonnian friend, in excitement over the new boar boyz and river trolls, started playing his O&G. Turns out the guy had 1500 points lying around he hadn't touched in a long while of Orcs! Two games (and victories) later, he cursed the name of my Dawi, but declared he wanted many, many rematches. This is great news, and while our first game was simple business (animosity broke up his charge, he forgot about Waaaghs!, and I organ gunned him into oblivion) the second was a bit more dicey (I brought a Gyro, which I regretted, and I had a lot of trouble when he got a nasty flank charge on a warrior unit!). I had a ton of fun with them, and he is loving his Orcs, despite their current record.

All this to really say, THE DWARFS OF ZHARRGRUND BAR ARE BACK! Three cheers for courageous opponents stepping forward to challenge the army that is the most feared at our club.

Lil' Thorgrim
Oct 06 2010 11:46 PM
Nice, I had a lot of fun reading it.

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