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Miner Wip Almost Done

Posted by Hitmonkey , in Painting 02 November 2012 · 1,497 views

miner wip
I won the painting competition! Yea!

I´ll celebrate with posting a pic of a miner that you´ve seen before. The back is more or less finished, not so sure bout the green bags but I´ll let them be. Did the pick today. Went from black/boltgun metal to vallejo mithril silver. However, I found that mithril silver is not light enough! Tried mixing in some white which works in a photo but IRL it doesn´t look as shiny as the rest. Any suggestions? What do you use?

Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted Image

Might have gone a bit overboard with the scratches on the weapon but it was so much fun!! :)

Love it a lot!

At the workshop I told you from they called Vallejo Metal Medium Mithril Silver times 3 or simply: Bling :D

I bought but haven`t tested it myself, might do it on the next one. You should only use it on the reall hard edges where the light breaks hard, but who I am telling that ;P
:) Great! That´s what I was looking for. Didn´t know it existed. Saw some examples of it used on coolminiornot and it seems perfect. Gonna buy some as soon as I get the chance. Let me know if it was any good as soon as you use it. :)
Real good looking, maybe the best miner I've seen till today!

Very, very nice. I especially like the weapons and his little bags/purses. Very nicely painted.
You clearly need to change your Avatar, he doesnt do your Skills Justice!
Snugg Thistlehammer
Nov 07 2012 09:26 AM
^^ Exactly what I was thinking! :)
Thank you a lot everyone! :D
Heh, yeah, that guy´s also gonna be touched up (to blend in with the others), so a profile pic change does seem in order.
Way better :)
o yeah!

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