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1000 Pt All Metal Army Goal

Posted by Hitmonkey , in Gaming, Other 12 October 2012 · 1,080 views

Hi, everyone.

Been a while since the last update, been busy with the october painting contest. I might put up some WIP photos in a couple o days. Well, I thought I´d share with you my army list in progress. I´ve always been more interested in the painting and collecting and frankly, it was eight years ago I played my last match (got massacred by Chaos Warriors *grumble*). However I want to assemble a 1000 pt army, partly(mostly) because I want a goal for my painting and collecting. I don´t know much about the 8th edition rules but I´ve purchased a dwarf army book and dotted a list down:

1000 Point Dwarf Throng

Thane (in ironbreaker unit) (w. rune of cleaving, rune of stone + oath stone) (GENERAL) ---> 113 pts

10 Quarrelers (w. GW, shields, full command) ---------------------------------------------------------> 165 pts
10 Thunderers (w. shields, full command) --------------------------------------------------------------> 175 pts

11 Ironbreakers (full command) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------> 173 pts
8 Miners (full command) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> 113 pts
2 Bolt throwers (w. engineers w. handguns) ------------------------------------------------------------> 130 pts

1 Flame cannon ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> 140 pts

TOTAL: 1009 pts

So, what do you think? Please comment! I´m fairly certain it´s not a gameplay optimised powergaming army but then again, I more or less chose the units depending on the sculpts and what I think is cool. So I´m more or less aiming for a "not absolutely idiotic army". Ps. I´m still trying to find six marauder crossbowmen but apart from that, it´s ALL METAL! Ds.

And by the way, here´s a pic, nearly everything is painted years and years ago so I´m gonna strip it all and repaint it:

Posted Image

I won`t comment on Army choice because I don`t want to go down that "Your army sucks, you need these Units" Route. Paint what you have and like, play some Games and read the great Articles from the Baracks, that will give you certainly a good insight in whats working in 8th Edition :)

Can`t wait to see those 1000 Points painted up, allready a fan of your painting style, you made wanna step up my own work, it looks shoddy in comparison!
thats awesome i think metal dwarfs are the best
good job!

i'm starting an all metal army myself soon.
Thanks for commenting, metal dwarfs are the best! You are probably right, Theatralic.

One of the goals of my army is also to not field any twins. I´m aiming for an army where every mini is unique. Right now, the ironbreakers are the villains as GW simply havent casted that many different ironbreakers of that generation. Solution: Either skip Ironbreakers all together, or find some of the beautiful marauder ones. That would be the best as I think it´s a bit boring these are all in the same pose. The miners are my fav, if I just could find the pointing leader I could field ten (all ten?) sculpts, including the drunken one.


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