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Painting Miner Faces Wip

Posted by Hitmonkey , in Painting 28 September 2012 · 1,644 views

Hi, thought I´d update with a work in progress photo.

Progress on my troop of miners is excruciatingly slow but I´m learning a lot. Today I tried a kind of blending technique for the faces. Used layer upon layer of watered down paints to give these two guys some personality. I´m quite happy with how the left one turned out, even though credit has to go to Colin Dixon for that amazing face sculpt. My favourite of the marauder miners.

Hopefully I´ll post pictures of these two finished soon.

Posted Image

Have a nice weekend everybody!

Coming along great, love the Gold and the Gem Work on the Champ, some of my favourite Models aswell, I hope I will do them as much justice as you. The Faces and Beards are splendid, I like how you worked out the Wrinkles under the eyes, I struggle with hitting them without messing up the whole Face.
Snugg Thistlehammer
Sep 29 2012 07:33 AM
Good sculpts indeed - i reckon that prospector is one of my favourite dwarves.

Anyway, it's worked really well. If only I had the patience fo that kind of detail. My own flesh "technique" is basically flesh colour - wash - flesh colour. :blush:
I´m glad you like´em. I think the key to nailing those small details is indeed patience but also watering down the paints and doing a lot of layers. That way, occasional mistakes become irrelevant instead of blotches. I found this tutorial on youtube a while ago and I found it very helpful: How to paint miniatures: Assault on Black Reach: Ork Warboss part 1
Bearded Lizard
Oct 17 2012 05:01 PM
solid job all around. The crimson gloves, supported by yellow candle flame and accents in the gloves, brings the model out well. All too often the detail in our dwarf models is lost due to the size and other factors.

You may consider a tip of black on your candleflame. It brings a reality to the flame (rarely does a candle burn clean) and really "tops" off the model.
Hi, thanks for the comments. That´s a tip I´m probably going to use, Bearded Lizard. At first I was thinking about adding some blue-purble on the base of the candle but some black on the tip might be the key to success. I hope I will get the time to finish these soon but the October painting Competition is taking up all my painting time. :)

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