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First Miniature In A While

Posted by Hitmonkey , in Painting, Other 17 September 2012 · 1,177 views

miner painting
Hi everyone!

I started collecting dwarves when I was around twelve or thirteen. During my teenage years I painted a 4000 pt army. Now I´m 24, going on 25 this year, and when I look at my ole beloved army (of Karak Norn if I remember correctly) it´s not as awesomely painted as I remember. It´s been at least five years since I painted miniatures and ten years since the days when all I did was paint beards and axes. This is the first entry in a blog which will cronicle the rebuilding, converting and painting of a once treasured throng.

From what I gather of the 8th edition rules the miners seem kind of handy. They are also awesomely sculpted miniatures. Comparing them to the new plastic ones is a joke. My squad of 20 miners will get a classic dark red colour scheme and this is the first one done. Unfortunately I did this one before I realized I could get the original paint off with some nail polish remover so the sculpt detailing is a little fuzzy in places.

The front:
Posted Image

And the back:
Posted Image

I´ll get a new entry up in a few minutes!


I feel ya, we share a really similar story ( even the age fits , just turned 25 :) ), I like that Colour Scheme and your actual painting alot, can`t wait to see more.
It´s great to come back to an old hobby. Fortunately my patience seem to have increased with my age. Thanks, I´ll have something new up soon. :)

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