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Dwarves For Glorious Death

Posted by Teugr Signhammer , 31 May 2012 · 1,168 views

warhammer dwarf mordheim
Hello to all !

I decided to join your merry blogger group and give my own input to the Dwarf cause. Early this year I bought an issue of White Dwarf and flipped. Earlier I had stated to my friends that I will not going to join their Warhammer hobby. I was confident that playing and gathering Mordheim warbands was enough for me. After reading the magazine I decided to start gathering the throng of Dwarves and the main attraction was the Dwarf Berserkers from Avatars of War. From there I have been building my first fantasy battle army and writing a blog about it.


In the future, as I update the blog, I will link new updates also in here to my Bugman's blog. Cheers !

P.S. If someone knows how to make a link of a text, enlighten me :)

just had a look on your Blog, pretty nice :-), why don`t you Blog here? I am pretty sure you would get more feedback than on Blogger, alot of people ( including me ) tend to not click on Links that much, Weblazyness! One thing though, maybe change the Font on your Blog, something like Arial or Times New Roman, but that is just my Taste, if your like Comic sans, stick with it.
Teugr Signhammer
Jun 07 2012 11:04 AM
Thanks for your comment. I thought to start a real blog also in here, but then I decided not to, because I don't like the idea of updating in full comment lines to several sites. Also the images are easier to publish in blogspot and there are other features that I also like. I think this makes me one of those weblazy users :)

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