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Dragon Coy Gunline

Posted by Ironskar , 01 December 2013 · 2,505 views

I am happy with the results of using the Milliput Superfine. Although it is much slower than casting models in lead with 4 hours cure time (or just overnight), if you are sculpting a couple of nights a week you soon get a unit forming up. I also cast one in green stuff as it is easier to cut, this one I have started to convert into a kneeling position. I have also changes the face and beard on one and the bloke in the back row is getting a completely new head without a helmet (the helmet I cut off is now on his belt).

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Snugg Thistlehammer
Dec 02 2013 03:36 AM

Looking good.  How many do you plan to cast?

I am thinking of a unit of twenty that can be split into two units of 10.  That way if there is a chance of a watchtower scenario I will deploy a big unit with full command.  If I know it will be a standard battle then they will form artillery security. 

Made a couple more and modified a few to keep the veriety. 


And I decided to make a arm and beardless dolly that I will use as a basis for the rest of the unit.  A beardless dwarf!!


Sorry, not a great picture.  I think he might be a bit slim but its hard to tell without a beard and arms.

how did you get the mould

how did you get the mould

Like this -




But wrapped the Oyumaru round the model and once cooled I cut around the model with a sharp knife making a two paer mould.  Try typing instant mould into youtube for videos on how it is done. 

I cast up a few dollies, looks like they were a bit skinny so bulked out the master and recast another mould.  I have now started to modify the dollies to make some of the unit comd.  One of the skinnier dillies can be used as a token female. 



Having easy to build on dollies is good but takes time so the master is now being adjusted to be a shoulder arms stance trooper.




I will probably still leave his beard and left arm off so that the casts can all be easily personilised.

Unit of 20 with comd as it is so far.  Some of the models are finished but still quite a few with work required.  I have based them now to see how they rank up.  As I have been making the models I also made a stretch of paving and made a mould of it with the Oyumaru.  To base them I put a bit of Miliput on each base and then pushed the paving mould onto it to give an quick sculpt before pushing the model into the base.


And a close up of the comd team, they have feathers in their helmets like the original Dragon Company comd.  Musician and champ still require finishing.  The standard bearer is a girl!

gallery_13140_773_270132.jpg Any comments appreciated!


Have people found it worthwhile giving thunderers shields?

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