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Dragon Company Thunderers

Posted by Ironskar , 04 November 2013 · 2,084 views


On completing the Hearthguard (Hammerers) for my hold I was looking at what I am still short of to complete the Throng. My full army is listed at https://sites.google.../ironskar-holdand pictures can be seen in my gallery.

So I have decided I want a couple of units of thunderers, currently these are Ragni's Rifles and are the plastics from Skull Pass. I fancy a couple of larger units and to fit in with my fluff I am going to base them on the Dragon Company OOP models. I am doing this as I alredy have a horde of Dragon Company that I use as Iron Breakers. As these are the holds full time profesional soldiers and I also see the thunderers as the same I am putting them in the same uniform. Concept below -
Posted Image

I hope to do many poses, possibly making them all different (more than just different beards anyway!)
Standing, kneeling, loading, at the ready, mopping brow, female, etc. Work so far (head not on yet, going for an aiming pose at the moment)-

Posted Image

But while I am at it I also fancy a unit or two of mounted dwarfs for any Kings of War games. I considered doing steam cars based on the gyrocopter but I am currently going for Ranger Ram Riders, I got the picturebelow from google -

Posted Image

Work so far, not much but the basic body shape and right hind leg -
Posted Image

I like the idea that goats are sure footed on the mountain slopes and that rangers may make use of this rather than the KoW idea. Hopefully if this one comes out ok I will do multiple poses, as I don't have my casting kit with me, just instant mould I might be making them all individually anyway.

Grateful for any comments, ideas or suggestions!

Snugg Thistlehammer
Nov 04 2013 11:36 PM

I like your idea about the dragon company thunderers.


Also... a horde of Dragon Company?  Did you cast some of them up yourself as well or did you buy/trade them all?

I got the Dragon Company boxed set about 25 years ago and used the unit reguarly (back in 2nd and 3rd edition).  About 10 years ago a friend gave me another box worth less the command.  I have a few other old models in there making about 35.  It has not played in the latest edition yet as I would currently take GWs over IBs.  Maybe when I get a big enough game organised. 

Snugg Thistlehammer
Nov 05 2013 10:45 PM

You never know... apparently our new book isn't far away.  Maybe ironbreakers will make a comeback.

Dragon company ?

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