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Ironskar Hearthguard Musician, Shields And Gobbo.

Posted by Ironskar , 14 October 2013 · 2,004 views

greenstuff sculpt dwarf hammerer musician goblin
Snugg, I finally got round to it and following your advice I cast more hearthguard, three are here, one of which I decided to make a musician to complete the command group.

Posted Image
I struggled with the shield, I like the pin heads as they are a good shape and thin. But, they required some sort of design, plain did not look that good. I tried to paint them but could not get a good design or a even circle for a rim. I tried putting them in a drill so they spun fast and then put a felt pen to them making a circle design. These are shown below. Still not happy so resorted to shield bosses, a blob of green stuff and then a slight design by pushing a pen lid into it. Any comments or better ideas appreciated!

Posted Image
Sorry everyone, this is not Dawi, its the baddies! I also have a Orc and Goblin army, needed some more night goblins so knocked this up. The two casts (either side) are from the green. Just need spear tips adding.
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Snugg Thistlehammer
Oct 14 2013 11:03 PM

I wish I could do that.  "Oh, I'm a few troopers short for this unit, I'll just knock up a few more myself". 


And do my eyes decieve me or is that musician a singer?!  Do the hearthguard rally around his sonorous baritone rendition of Men of Harlech or something along those lines?


As far as the shields go, I think the 'bosses' will look ok once painted up.  You seem pretty handy with greenstuff though, if you wanted a rim could you not make one yourself?  Or make one shield, or one batch, and then cast them up yourself?

Thanks Snugg. 


Yes, singing along to his accordion, to go along with the other musician with the bagpipes.  I am not sure what they would sound like together! 


I did try making shields from scratch and my first try was a pentagon that I though would be quite dwarvish and novel.  It did not work as it was to small to get the measurements even on plasticard and I have struggled to make non-organic shapes with greenstuff.  But I think I will now have a try at putting a rim on a pin head.

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