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Ironskar Hearthguard Second Batch

Posted by Ironskar , 25 September 2012 · 2,492 views

dwarf hammerer sculpt cast greenstuff
Following on from the last twenty I have made up another 18.
Posted Image
Again this is three different bodies and 3 different heads but I have modified all the beards with green stuff so all the models different. I have converted a unit champ and standard bearer.

Posted Image

The first unit of 20 won me my last game against Lizardmen but took a lot of missile and magic damage. Rather than give them shields I had given them the standard that gives a 5+ ward save against missile fire. This helped but I think shields are also needed. I like the look of some of the GW artwork with large round bronze shields and fancy something similar (but have to be careful about ranking up).

Posted Image

What do you think? This is a pin head painted gold. I think it will still need a geometric design but only a few will be visible in the front rank as some of the models will wear them slung on their backs.

Posted Image

This is an unpainted shield (drawing pin) to show how they rank up.

Any comments appreciated!

Snugg Thistlehammer
Sep 26 2012 09:08 AM
I think the sheild idea is a good one but you're right; it does need some design or dwarf icon on the face. Also maybe think about casting three more... then if you substitute them for the command group and combine the unit with your original unit you can field a unit of up to forty!

Looks really great. Impressive sculpting! I might actually steal your pin-idea for my ironbreakers.

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