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Ironskar Hearthguard

Posted by Ironskar , 30 May 2012 · 1,916 views


As the next painting comp is for a unit and my dwarf hold still needs a unit of Hammerers (the Ironskar Hearthguard), so thats what it will be. But, I made a Hammerer body out of green stuff a couple of weeks back so I plan to cast this, with a couple of similar greens (still to make) and a selection of heads (again still to make). The final plan will be 3 seperate body sculpts, 3 different heads and a shield design. This will result in too many photos for the painting comp entry so I will post them here. I would also appreciate any feed back and ideas (particuarly on shield design).

This is the original Hammerer sculpt (Ironskar Tor Hearthguard)
20120517 Hammerer Green

This is the sculpt with a metal casting of it, a sculpt of the standard bearer and a plastic Citadel Mini to show scale etc.

120530 4 models

Also, if someone can PM me on how to post my pics direct into a post rather than via my gallery it would be appreciated. I have tried to follow the guidance but can not work it!

So I have painted a cast model-
120530 painted body

To see what it looks like completed I have added a Citadel head and shield.
120530 painted with GW head

120530 painted rear

I prefer the bigger beards like on the Longbeard and Marauder Miner models so plan to sculpt my heads like that.

I am also considering a hexagonal shield, something a bit different. Any thoughts?

As I have already made my mould from the green master I will modify this green to make pose 2.

Work so far on the heads, I am hoping that these will prize off the bodies for casting once done. Struggling at the moment making symmetrical horns and wings for the helmets!


Snugg- thanks for the help, my pictures are in the bugmans gallery and I an not find the URL. Will try again later.
Posted Image YAY!!!! Cheers Snugg!
Anyway, tonight I started to make the mould of the above green. Pic below of the silicone and hardner I use.
Posted Image
Lego frame mould with a plasticine base and green half embedded in it -
Posted Image
And with silicone added. Will be set tomorrow.
Posted Image
I am now thinking about a large thin round shield for them like on the cover of the dwarf book, could either use greek shields or drawing pin heads, still not sure.
Snugg Thistlehammer
Jun 02 2012 07:26 AM
No probs mate. :)
So it set, I flipped it over, peeled of the plasticine from underneath and gave it a layer of vaseline before pouring on another layer of silicone. That was last night. Today it had set, took it out of the mould, removed the green and cast some bodies. After the first cast I ran out of prince august casting lead (that was some orcs from about 20 years ago). I then tried some old resin that I had, this was a bit brittle but would have been silly cheap (10p per model) but was not very good, air bubbles and brittle. I then tried some type setters lead ("I swear too much" i have some "I Swear too much" in my garage) it worked but did not do the moulds justice on the detail (my sculpting is not great, no reason to make it look worse!) I thought these were ok to begin with but that was the wine. Anyhow if I am going to meet the dead line of haveing my unit made before the 16th I will have to get some more lead. Pic below of where i am so far. The 3 heads need a bit more work and as you can see the new bodies are not that good.
Posted Image
The finished heads -
Posted Image
The bottom one is not that good but I am happy with the top left. As soon as I finish the final body sculpt I will cast these. The body green has just had its right arm hacked off for the second time and the hammer re-positioned. I will try and sculpt the arm tomorrow.
Finished casting the heads and a third body type, examples below -

Posted Image

The antler head had a lot of trouble in casting with the antlers failing to come out on most of the casts. I will just trim these and use them anyway. The three bodies are ok giving me 9 different models before I do any conversions. I have made up the first nine below -

Posted Image

I think these are looking ok but it looks like I will struggle to squeeze shields inbetween models! I could put them on slanted bases and see what they look like. Or shields on backs?

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