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#277320 Dwarf 2000 Points

Posted by EC15 on 16 July 2009 - 06:39 PM

The Lord's weapon setup could be fixed. Since you aren't using a shield there is no reason not to take a plain greatweapon for 6 points instead of the rune of cleaving. You will save 14 points to be spent elsewhere and get 1 more strength on your attacks.
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#276983 New Slayer Army Trial List On The New Slayer Brotherhood

Posted by David L on 10 July 2009 - 06:53 AM

Offhand, the inclusion of the previous Doomseekers and the Slayer skill rules makes your unit changes irrelevant. The purpose of all units in the army is to provide ranged protection for the doomseekers and characters.

Including regular Dwarf shooting units and the engineer makes the list entirely pointless. Just build it with the normal Dwarf list, using the core shooters and 4 slayer units.
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#276960 Road To The Alamo, Part 6: On The Road Again

Posted by RedZeke on 09 July 2009 - 10:35 PM

And we're back... So, you may ask, what's the delay been? Well... bought a house, tried out for a nationals level frisbee team, got cut from said team, and did a little painting on the side. It's been a month, you say? I must have a ton painted? Errrm, not so much. I did some clean-up on existing models, and finished basing and putting together movement trays. I also converted a BSB and am well on my way with a Gyro conversion, but neither are yet painted.

I did, however, finish up 12 slayers, which you can view here.

So, the game was supposed to be against a fellow I'd never played before at 1650 points, but he hadn't been able to make it home for his miniatures. So right before I headed home, Chris, who has kicked the snot out of me twice with his VC agreed to drop his list to 1600 to get a game in. A few modifications to my list and we were ready to go.

My list:

Thane, GW, MR of Gromril, Rune of Resistance, Rune of Preservation
Runesmith, GW, Shield, Rune of Stone, Rune of Spell Breaking
25 Warriors, Shields, FC
20 Warriors, Shields, FC
10 Rangers, GW, Musician, Veteran
11 Thunderers, Shields
15 Longbeards, Shields, FC, Rune of Battle, Rune of Stoicism
Bolt thrower, Valiant Rune, Rune of Penetrating, Engineer w/handgun
12 Slayers
6 Miners

His list (I may not have all the details correct here):
Vampire (general), Hellsteed, Dread Knight, Wristbands of Black Gold, Infinite Hatred
Vampire (BSB), Walach's Bloody Hauberk, Infinite Hatred, Summon Ghouls
Vampire w/Black Periapt, Biting Blade, Infinite Hatred and ????
24 Ghouls with Ghast
24 Ghouls with Ghast
5 Fell bats
5 Fell bats
6 Blood Knights w/standard bearer carrying Royal Standard of Strigos

Similar to what I've seen before- this time no corpse cart, but much larger starting sizes on the ghouls. With terrain set up, Chris placed the available hills in the field of battle to prevent a shooting base for the Dwarfs. I slung some woods and a swamp around to make things a little interesting. I considered grabbing one of the hills and getting it into a deployment zone, but decided I'd see what happened if I was stuck shooting at ground level.

With that, and nowhere to scout the rangers, I was deployed, from left to right as rangers, slayers (in classy 2x6 death torpedo formation), thunderers, bolt thrower, dragonslayer, longbeards (w/runesmith), 25 warriors, and 20 warriors (w/thane). The VC had bats in front of everything, with blood knights, flying general, BSB ghoul block, and other ghoul block arrayed in front of me.

Having trouble picturing this? Never fear- I've actually taken pictures this time. Which means I can no longer fuzz over my egregious tactical errors as I have in the past. Or can I? You will notice my photography occurred at intervals that can charitably be described as "random". For instance- this picture of deployment is actually at the end of VC turn 1. Isn't it great? Efficiency! More on VC turn one in a moment.

Posted Image

Note, you can't tell, as Chris' battle standard bearer doesn't actually *bear* a standard, but it's in the block not on the edge.

My plan was to lure away the blood knights for as long as possible, beat the ghoul blocks with mine (I was lined up 3 blocks to 2, and intentionally on the right table edge to allow my miners to come in and add some kills, flanks or rear, and remove ranks). I wasn't sure how I'd deal with his general, but more on that later. For magic defense, I hoped to remain disciplined, saving the spell breaker for a truly unacceptable spell.

And speaking of spells, his general had Vanhel's Danse, the BSB had Gaze of Nagash, and the remaining vampire reverted to Raise Dead.

Turn One

As is tradition, I ended up going second- that's 7 games in a row, and that's actually how I like it. The bats (or skeletal angels as you might notice from the pictures) spread forward, screening his general and the blood knights, and the ghouls steamed forward. Magic turned out to be ineffective, with a failed cast on Vanhel's and a dispelled Gaze on the longbeards.

In my part of the turn, the blocks rolled forward, excited for a some fights they might win, and sure the rangers and slayers would be just fine against the blood knights. The rangers opened their carefully sealed orders. "You are hereby directed to engage the flank of the enemy cavalry while the slayers delay in the front them in the front. That is all." One of the rangers piped up, "Sure would be nice to have a battle where we weren't just fleeing or getting sacrificed. I'm just saying... And general knows we're only Move 3, right? Not fast cav?"

The dragonslayer positioned himself carefully in front of the bolt thrower, trying to stop up any charge attempts.

Ah. On to the shooting phase. For this, I refer you to the picture above. Look carefully. Now imagine the dwarf blocks have done their little movement bit. Now look at the undead again. Got a good picture? Now imagine this- after the shooting phase, the situation looked exactly the same. Yes, shooting failed to produce a single wound. Ooops.

Turn Two

It was off to the races. One unit of bats each went into the thunderers and the bolt thrower. Not wanting to change things for the sake of changing, the stand and shoot reactions failed to inflict any wounds, though the handgunners passed their fear check. The bolt thrower took full advantage of the Valiant Rune and yawned their apathy. Additional benefits came from the presence of the dragonslayer, who forced the bats into a 2 wide formation, which kept the number of incoming attacks down.

Blood Knights and ghouls all advanced, and here came the first critical point of the game. The vampire general plunged forward too far, expecting to get a vanhel's danse off. And in the magic phase, that spell failed to cast, leaving the vampire in charge range of the dragonslayer. Sweetness.

Joy was short-lived however. Apparently the bats knew Kung Fu. The bolt thrower lost one crewman for no wounds in return. The thunderers lost an unexpected three, and only inflicted a single wound back. Losing by one, they rolled a nine, and fled off the board, presumably to find the ammunition they had forgotten. Chris urged me to show you all a picture of the result of this epic conflict. To make me feel better, please also note the position of the hellsteed general.

Posted Image

"Hey, where'd all those thunderers go?"

Bottom of Turn Two

Screaming his disdain for the undead and for pants, the dragonslayer hurled himself into the enemy general. Sweet! The slayer torpedo presented itself in front of the Blood Knights, while the rangers positioned where I thought I'd get a flank charge in, with the ability to flee if the knights could manage a charge on them instead (I didn't think they could). I steamed ahead with the warriors, but turned the longbeards. I figured they could bail out the bolt thrower, and if the slayer didn't manage to take down the vampire (probably the case) I'd need the extra help.

No miners yet.

In combat, the bats continued to demonstrate why they had earned black belts in three different martial arts, killing two crewman with 4 attacks, and taking one wound back. Oh, that's not the interesting combat? Well the dragonslayer unfortunately missed with two attacks, ensuring the VC general's survival, but managed to take none in return! Huzzah! Doing the math, it looked like I'd have a shot at getting the longbeards over into combat before the VC general managed to skeedaddle. If only that rude, rude vampire wasn't US 2, he'd be crumbled already...

Here's a shot of the situation. I believe my vision was blurred with tears over the tragic loss of my thunderers, hence the fuzzy nature of things.

Posted Image

Turn three

The ghouls on the extreme right charged the 20 warriors with thane. Fear is passed. It would have been failed if they only knew what was coming... On the right, the Blood Knights smashed into the slayers, asking the naked dwarfs if they realized that even with just three knights in contact, there were still going to be enough attacks to possibly kill the whole unit. Sure, why *wouldn't* each model get five [edit: three] WS 5 Str 7 attacks with re-rolls to hit, and another 2 str 4 from the steed?

Magic was all centered around trying to save the general. Chris tried to suck dispel dice by casting an Invocation on the general from his furthest vampire. I sussed this out as being firmly out of range. Unfortunately the very next spell added the wound, and I failed the dispel even using two dice. Next, the returned bats were sent into the same combat. I considered trying to stop this, but decided I might actually throw attacks back at the bats to get some extra crumble rez, so I let it through.

Combat phase... could have been better. As expected, the three blood knights killed all but two slayers, who complained loudly about how ridiculous this was. The charging bats failed to have any affect on the dragonslayer, proving there is a limit to how much Tae Kwon Do you can really know as a supernaturally animated animal corpse. The general only managed a single wound, success! Another round survived! Until we remembered the horse attack, who promptly kicked the dragonslayer to death. Damn.

Regaining form, the other bats finished off the last crewman with a fancy schmancy round-house kick, trying not to notice the regiment of longbeards 1" from their flank. On the far right, I lost two dwarf warriors to combat, and made *my* critical mistake. My dwarfs managed to kill one ghoul, which left me down by one. This is math that would have been wise to do during the game. Without pausing to consider how close this combat was, I decided to throw my thane's attacks at the vampire. I was quite proud of my positioning and eager to kill this guy before I was stuck in killing an endless supply of resurrected Crypt Ghasts as I had in our first game. Unfortunately attack rolls of 1, 2, and 3 meant misses, a one point loss to outnumbering ghouls, fleeing, getting caught, and giving up over 500 points in VPs (unit, thane w/general points, and standard). Had I thrown at the ghouls, I would have likely tied the combat, winning with the musician and waiting for miners to arrive to negate ranks. Or even better, I could have fled this charge, which was at max range in the first place, until I had a little help. Badness.

Here's the not so good looking situation:

Posted Image

Bottom of Three

Deciding not to repeat their performance in our last game, my longbeards passed fear and charged the bats who had just finished the bolt thrower crew. The rangers charged the flank of the blood knights, and my 25 warriors charged his BSB unit's flank. The miners arrived and got ready to set up for a rear charge on the BSB unit.

The longbeards, thinking it was taco night at the retirement home didn't even notice the bats in their rush to get there in time. An excellent 8" overrun from The All World’s Edge Mountains Dwarven Track and Field Team of 2378 put me right in the flank of his general.

In the blood knight fight, the rangers failed to inflict the single wound they needed to win the combat, which would have left them in the flank, with a rank, fighting four DE-frenzied blood knights one at a time. At the least, I'd probably not have to worry about the BKs for the rest of the game. Instead failure meant they needed insane courage to stay... which they actually got. So not all bad news over there.

My warriors started caving in the BSBs unit, getting a nice head start on the numbers game there.

Turns 4-6

The longbeards threw their Greatbeard on top of the vampire general and then beat him to death with Depends adult diapers and prunes. Crumble started taking down bats and the BSB unit.

Posted Image
Dead VC General!

The rangers fled their combat, which is what they're good at anyways, taking the Blood Knights out of the rest of the game. My miners came in and had to dispatch some bats that managed to block them from the rear of the BSB combat shortly before crumbling. The 25 warriors unfettered by inept thanes and the like slowly caved in the ghouls, but due to silly VC rules couldn't capture the BSB as he neither fled from combat (obviously) nor died while fighting on his own. This was made possible by a great magic phase. 5 dice went into raising ghouls on 3+. There was a successful 5, two 6s, and a 7. I dropped both 6s with two dice each, and the 5 with one dice, leaving one successful cast, which only netted two ghouls. Very happy with that...

There was also one zombie raise in an effort to contest the quarter, but instead gave me 50 points when the warriors were able to charge them.

In the end things looked a little somethin' like this:

Posted Image

Rolling up VPs, we came to...

Dwarfs: 1065
Vampire Counts: 1226

A draw. Which I took happily given how bad things were looking. Things were quite fun- a couple big mistakes on both sides, and a few dice rolls that could have really changed things. I didn't fail a single fear test all game, got a good overrun with the longbeards, and had sustained good performance from my 25 warrior block, which really helped alleviate some poor performances in other combats.


Thane: D. My fault, but still- all that armor doesn't do any good if you're run down. Only combat phase was three whiffs.
Runesmith: A Did a great job managing the magic phase. Helped ensure the bats were smeared using his GW.
Dragonslayer: A Jammed the bats into a position to allow the longbeards to come to the rescue, then almost killed the enemy general single handedly thanks to a bad movement error. Failing that, he pinned the vampire in place long enough to get some posthumous help.
25 Warriors: A Outstanding performance.
20 Warriors: D Really possibly too small. I feel like standard warriors probably ought to be 25 strong so one casualty doesn't drop their rank bonus. 25 strong also would have kept them in the game with a Break test on 8 instead of snake eyes.
Longbeards: A WS 5, S 4 comes in handy when you really need those extra wounds to blow through a weak unit in one turn. Extra combat rez banner doesn't hurt either.
Rangers: C+ Could have been great, instead just did what they had to.
Thunderers: F 165 free points to the enemy.
Bolt thrower: C I should really stop playing with it like this. The Valiant rune isn't something I have in my 2250 potential list, and I'm sure I'm getting bad habits as a result.
Slayers: Errm, C? Did what they needed which apparently was feed the Blood Knights enough points to keep them from rolling up my entire army.

Overall- Need to keep combat resolution in mind a little better. I really need a Gyro or more shooting or both. Right now I'm trying all kinds of tricky stuff that most of the time isn't really working. I think even an average first turn shooting phase really wouldn't have changed much of anything, as the bats were going to be hard to remove anyhow.

Anyways, thanks for reading- and hope you enjoyed the pictures this time out.

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#276813 My Big Diorama (Dwarf Hold)

Posted by captain carrot on 07 July 2009 - 09:09 PM

Ah HA thats where I reconise them statues from I knew they looked familiar.

Well done on your hold so far Perv its looking great, and masive how big is it at the moment.

Just ebayed it check these out very pricy but look good.

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#276810 Bugman The Vampire Slayer

Posted by Iron Wolf on 07 July 2009 - 08:42 PM

OK so a friend of mine is playing as Vampire Counts in a campaign I am in and we sort of came to an agreement where we wouldn't be aggressive and try to take each other out intentionally because it is more strategically advantageous for both of us to be passive towards each other. So I decided I would come up with a 'fun' Bugman list to play against him in case we should bump shoulders. Tell me what you guys think:

683 Points for 18 Bugman's Rangers (FC, T. Axes, RoBattle, RoStoicism, SH), Josef Bugman, and a Thane with RoBrotherhood, MRoSwiftness, RoMight, RoStone, and Battle Standard
299 Points for Runelord, MRoSpellbinding, 2 Spelleaters, Shield, Great Weapon GENERAL
151 Points for Runesmith, MRoBalance, RoSpellbreaking, Shield, Great Weapon
140 Gyrocopter
120 Organ Gun
300 for 10 Quarrellers and 10 Thunderers, Quarrellers w/Great Weapons and Thunderers w/Veteran BoP
305 for G Thrower w/Engineer, RoAccuracy, RoPenetrating, RoBurning and a Cannon w/Engineer, RoForging, RoBurning, RoReloading


So anyway, my strategy is this:

Bugman and his unit will approach to one flank with high T, hopefully one with Blood Knights and tie up the side most unit. I understand they are only slightly above-average in ability, but with the bad mofo BSB doing x2 Str, hitting first, and getting a wound back because of bugman I think it could be interesting. Also, a static CR of at least 5 is nice, and immune to fear/terror!

My Gyro with hit the other flank and it will most likely be a bit weaker. He will hit with S3 and tie up the units near the general and keep them from marching. Common Gyro tactics.

The rest of my army will line up gunline and aim for the general and try to force as many 'look out, sir!' rolls as possible. Organ Gun will make Blood Knights a priority and Cannon will make Vargulf a priority.

The two Rune heads will stay behind the gunline and probably fight off any war machine hunters.

There might be a lot of points tied up in the Rangers, but it wont be easy to tell so I bet he will avoid going after them with everything.

Whadda ya think?

(BTW, he likes to take horde puny units, heavy magic, and blood knights. Occasionally a Vargulf)

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#276778 Shields

Posted by tacthefierce on 07 July 2009 - 04:57 PM


My grandmother had a button collection. After she passed away, I didn't have the heart to throw away those jars of buttons.

Where the heck did I put those buttons?

awwwww...Posted Image that sucks...

but you could honor her collection by using some of the cool ones in your army! Or fighting in her name. Posted Image
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#276711 Mousekiller's Dwarven Army

Posted by mousekiller on 07 July 2009 - 12:03 AM


Every dwarf of the Stonefist clan, no matter his station, is required to have a proffession and to be a warrior. In times of war the Stonefist clan calls its levies together into loose groups of individuals. In this case, the tree cutters of the Stonefist clan have banded together under the leadership of Dregar Treestump when they heard of the expedition of Karal. Sharpening their blades for the journey, this group is anxious to prove its worth in battle.

10 Dwarf Warriors w/great weapon and cmd -- 126 points VOTE AT CMON

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
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#276631 Red Box Games

Posted by Perv on 05 July 2009 - 11:09 PM

A lot of manufacturers use to the eye level to describe scale so although they say 28mm, its usually about 29mm to top of head. As hes using 32mm to top of head then these should be fine to use with GW's and as hes going for inbetween Rackham and GW scale then I cant see there being a problem. I like companies that reply in a very short space of time and make an effort to answer questions, I say give them a try mate ;)

Its a difficult one with displaying greens or finished product. I have to say I'm with Valator and I prefer the finished product as casting can turn a good fig into a mess. With the latest cameras its pretty easy to get detailed pics of your finished product and show off the detail providing the lighting is well done and you can also apply a thin black wash over them to show shadows and highlight detail. I made sure other people were happy with their AoW figs before I ordered mine, just to be safe :) You're right about having a brilliant paintjob on the fig Khazadson, it can cover up poor detail and is just as tricky as ordering from the pic of a green. Found this out with my Dwarf Tales figs.

Stunties uses a scanner to photograph his figs if I remember correctly
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#276555 Red Box Games

Posted by Perv on 04 July 2009 - 09:55 PM

Does anyone know anything abour Red Box Games? www.redboxgames.com They have an excellent selection of figures that are on par with Avatars of War. The best figure is a beautiful female dwarf with a hammer. Would like to know what scale the dwarves are. The humans are 32 MM.

They're a new one on me mate. I dont like the fact that all the pics are of greens and not the cast up versions but CMON has some pics of painted versions and they look, well, amazing !!!

Posted Image

Prices are good so may be worth buying a tester model. The above pic seems a bit different in stature to GW Dwarfs though but other models may fit nicely. 32mm scale isnt too far off 28mm and they should be suitabe I'd have thought as they arent overly bulging in muscles which would make them appear even bigger.

Great find ;)
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#276390 Mousekiller's Dwarven Army

Posted by mousekiller on 03 July 2009 - 12:02 AM

Bhalgur Surefire, another dwarf of a young age, being born the same year as Karal Stonefist, has quickly become one of the best and most reliable hunters of the Stonefist Clan. Not having a "proper" fighting force, Karal asked Bhalgur to gather his best hunters together to form a fine crossbow regiment. Bhalgur did this, and within a matter of hours the Surefires were ready for this grand adventure.
16 Dwarf Quarrellers w/cmd - VOTE AT CMON

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
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#276386 Shields

Posted by tacthefierce on 02 July 2009 - 09:56 PM

I have a question.

Does anybody have a good variant for the normal warrior shield? I was thinking something like buttons or other armies. If you do could you post some pics. of the dawi complete with shields.

Thanks!!! laugh.gif

On the subject of alternative shields, i found some ideas to jumpstart peoples idea storms.

far right
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#276196 Mousekiller's Dwarven Army

Posted by mousekiller on 30 June 2009 - 05:37 PM


Karal Stonefist, the eldest son of the King of the Stonefist Clan Kalar Stonefist. Karal, a mere 108 years old, has been given a critical mission by his father, Kalar. Well-liked by all in the clan, Karal has led a life of relative ease and peace in the hold. With this quest, he can now prove that he is worthy to one day lead the Stonefists. He was tasked to travel to Karak Norn, retrieve a package from the king of Karak Norn, then proceed to travel to Karak Azul to present the package to Thorek Ironbrow for examination. A simple box inscribed with one glowing rune... Along with this the King of Karak Norn also gave him sent with him 10 of his best warriors, from his own personal guard (The Gryphons Talons), and a letter that he was told to present to each King that he came across on his way to Karak Azul, but oathsworn not to read himself. Little does the Dwarven realm know that they have entrusted the future of not only the Dawi, but of the world on his broad shoulders.

Manufactured by: West Wind Productions, Dwarf Wars II series
Sculptor: Unknown.




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#269905 The Miniature Review Thread

Posted by Perv on 18 April 2009 - 03:05 PM

Warcrow Review

Manufacturer : Corvus Belli

Country of Origin : Spain

Availability : In Production

Compatible with GW size figs : Yes, but slightly smaller

Casting Material : Metal

Casting Quality : Excellent detail, no mould lines or flash

Price : 5 Euros each

Delivery Timeframe : Unknown

Customer Service : Unknown

Size of Range : 3 Models

Suppliers : Online store and Independant retailers

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#269287 The Miniature Review Thread

Posted by Perv on 13 April 2009 - 12:38 PM

Black Tree Design \ Harlequin Review

Posted Image

Manufacturer : Black Tree Design \ Harlequin

Country of Origin : UK

Availability : In Production, some OOP

Compatible with GW : Yes, they are the same size

Casting Material : Metal

Casting Quality : Very good detail, average mould lines and plenty of flash, some figures weapons\standards are very bendy and suceptible to breaking.

Price : Around £1.60 per figure

Delivery Timeframe : Long, up to 6 months although their website says less

Customer Service : Terrible, most orders arent sent out complete and you have to contact them regularly to make sure you actually get the figures.

Size of Range : Around 170 different models + war machines still in production

Suppliers : Direct Sales Only http://www.blacktree...n.com/home.html
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#267495 Dwarf Ironclad Idea

Posted by Skull Krusher on 25 March 2009 - 01:28 AM

I thank you Capt and others for the fine complements and I will pass them along to my Dawi shipwrights. Just for a recap here are some views my ironclad that started out life as a wall mounted rowboat shadowbox that I picked up at a arts and craft store.

Also a couple pictures of my Dwarf Admiral, boatswain and pirate crew.

Dwarf Admiral, Boatswain, Kachunk, Oathstone, Dwarf W'h

Long Drong Slayers

Dwarf Warship Views

Dwarf Warship Inside Views

Dwarf Warship Inside Views 1

Dwarf Warship Inside Views 2

Dwarf Warship Views

Gryo on Flight Deck

Gryo on Dwarf Armored Ship

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#266534 The Miniature Review Thread

Posted by Pipeline on 12 March 2009 - 09:01 PM

Fantization Manufacturer Review

Manufacturer : Fantization Miniatures

Country of Origin : USA

Availability : In producition

Compatible with GW size figs : 32mm. A bit bigger than GW.

Casting Material : Metal

Casting Quality : Good detail. Minimal flash. There is a larger than usual mold line along the center. Nothing that a file wont fix.

Price : $4.99

Delivery Timeframe : unknown

Customer Service : unknown

Size of Range : It appears that they only have one dwarf, Ka Chunk the Near Sited Dwarf [sic]. It is listed as "2004 Special Edition".

Suppliers : Direct from Fantization Miniatures HERE as well as various online retailers.

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#266266 The Miniature Review Thread

Posted by Perv on 09 March 2009 - 02:33 PM

Heartbreaker Review

Manufacturer : Heartbreaker Hobbies, Games (HHG)

Country of Origin : UK

Availability : Mostly OOP although Ral Partha still sell a few models

Compatible with GW size figs : Yes although some models features are slightly larger

Casting Material : Metal

Casting Quality : Good detail, very small mould lines but no flash

Price : 60p - £1.25 each

Delivery Timeframe : Fast, 2-3 days within the UK but slightly longer for outside.

Customer Service : OK

Size of Range : 20 Models still available although many more are OOP.

Suppliers : Direct from Ral Partha Online store The full range can be seen here Stunties

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#264892 The Miniature Review Thread

Posted by Perv on 23 February 2009 - 03:00 PM

Rackham Review

Posted Image

Manufacturer : Rackham

Country of Origin : France

Availability : OOP but Ludik Bazar has rights to sell remaining models until stock runs out

Compatible with GW size figs : Larger, some figs are compatible but many have much larger features. Figures supplied with 25mm bases.

Casting Material : Metal

Casting Quality : Excellent detail, no mould lines and flash comes off very easily

Price : Around 4 Euros for RnF figures and up to 15 Euros for character models

Delivery Timeframe : Around 2 weeks for European orders

Customer Service : Good

Size of Range : 170-200 Models covering Tir-Na-Bor, Mid-Nor and Cadwallon ranges.

Suppliers : Ludik Bazaar Online Store http://www.ludikbaza...0_4271_542_3866
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#207826 New Members Please Read Here First

Posted by LF - Kevin B on 22 September 2007 - 05:05 PM

Right As of late there have been a lot of repeated questions that the answer for was either easily found or even worse found in a "sticky". Either that or have been posted in the wrong place.

So to aid in new members find their feet round here here is a brief over view of the sections of the Brewery plus a few links to useful parts to get you going.

First off please read here and understand The Rules

Now with that all understood lets have a look at the main areas of the brewery a young dwarf will need to find first off:

The Tavern - your reading this so you have found this part - style_emoticons/default/victory.gif This is the best place to post general questions, check stuff and any sort of advice. More often than not anything you can think of Dwarf related has gone though here. If you cant find it first try the search function, if still no luck post away (just mention you have tried searching - it helps) and im sure some longbeard will aid you

The Cellars - this is if you have a more specific question about a race ie how to counter a unit or tactic they have. Don't post whole lists just an outline of the problem and we shall try and help

The Forge - this is where you can master the art of painting from simple techniques all the way up and also a place to post what you have and others can see your throng grow

The Barracks - this is where you can show off your lists and ask for help improving it. In the titles put what points level it is for and then at the start of the post state what you want the list to do and what you play against. The more information you give us the more we can help you back. Further rules and advice on posting lists can be found here.

Battlegrounds - here you can record your victories and bitter defeats. Read others and learn from them

Bugman's School of Battle - this is where we have collected the words of many a longbeard when they have opened their mouths other than to order another ale or to scorne a short beard about something. Here you can find breakdowns on how to fight each race in the Old World, tactics, advice and much more. If you need help playing look no further

There is much more going on in the brewery than what i have just shown you but this will get you rfeet under the table.

Now also to help you (cause im kind like that style_emoticons/default/wink.gif) let me show you a few other bits to get you started:

Dwarf army list guide

Example army lists

Dark Dwarves Guide

Deployment advice
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#201378 Battle Standards

Posted by warpaintoz on 28 July 2007 - 03:34 AM

This is my BSB. Its the size it is because I planned to use it later as a label for my homebrew, and despite what you may think, I did draw it and handpaint it!

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